Our cabinet components are cut and drilled on European computer-controlled equipment with tolerances in the thousands of an inch. 

Our cabinets are assembled using the tried and true dowel and glue construction method. To further increase strength the backs are dadoed and glued into the sides, top and bottom. The cabinets are then pressed and perfectly squared in an electronic case clamp.

This method of construction prevents movement at the joints where the cabinet pieces are fitted together make for a stronger cabinet over all other construction methods. A Synergy cabinet will remain square for the lifetime of the cabinet.


Synergy produces a quality cabinet that meets or exceeds our competition at the best possible manufacturer direct price.


Synergy offers two levels of cabinet cases.

Standard Grade: Will meet or exceed the quality of vast majority of available cabinets on the market at an outstanding price.

  • 5/8” birch plywood for sides tops bottoms and shelves; ¼” birch plywood backs. 
  • 5/8” birch plywood drawer boxes with 5/8 bottoms.
  • Blum soft close hinges.
  •  Richelieu synchronized soft close undermount drawer slides.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on cabinet case and hardware.

Premium Grade: When only the best will do.  Premium plywood from Columbia Forest Products

  • ¾” maple plywood for all cabinet parts.    
  • ¾” maple plywood drawer boxes with ¾” bottoms.
  • Blum soft close hinges.
  • Blum soft close undermount drawer slides.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on cabinet case and hardware. 

We also offer other case material options in white or any other available color or pattern in both standard and premium options.

Drawer Boxes


UV-Finished Plywood Drawer Boxes


Our drawer boxes must be seen to be appreciated.  And here's why:

  • Wood Grain appearance  and construction; 
  • Equal or superior strength to dovetail drawers;
  • Better fit and finish than the low-quality dovetail drawers from other suppliers;
  • UV-cured prefinished plywood;   
  • Glue & Dowel construction, dadoed bottom;
  • 5/8” or 3/4” sides, backs and bottoms;
  • Durable 1/8 inch thick edging on all exposed edges ;
  • No visible fasteners or nails; 
  • CNC cut and machined;
  • Pressed and squared in a electronic clamp;
  • Various drawer materials are available in Birch, Maple and Walnut;
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Premium Drawer Slides


Synergy uses Blum's best soft-close undermount drawer slides in our Premium Line of Cabinets.

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Soft-Close Hinges


Synergy uses Blum soft close top of the line hinges on all our cabinet doors.

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Lift Up Door Hardware


All variations of Blum Aventos hardware is offered.

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Blind Corner Hardware


Synergy has multiple options for corner situations.

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Standard Drawer Slides


Synergy uses Richelieu's Synchronized  soft close undermount drawer slides in our Standard Line of Cabinets.


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