The Process - How We Work

Step 1 - Design & Consultation

At Synergy Kitchens, we work our clients to find out style, colours, finishes and layout. We provide our clients with a conceptual drawing with pricing based upon our preliminary discussions.  

Step 2 - Fine Tuning

It is during this step that clients discuss what kind of changes can be done.  We will provide information and pricing.  Sometimes our clients want detailed drawings - we can provide them for a nominal charge.  Once we have signed off contracts, we deduct the nominal charge from the contract price.

Step 3 - Final Design to Production

At this step, Synergy Kitchens will do a final measure of the kitchen plan to ensure accuracy.  This step also provides our clients with one last look - discuss any changes before final sign off.

Step 4 - Production & Fabrication

Once our client has signed off on the final layout, Synergy Kitchens places the order in our production schedule.  We advise our clients when their kitchen cabinets will be ready for installation - either by our professional team or for our client's contractor.

Step 5 - Pre Delivery

It is at this stage our kitchen designer contacts the clients to advise them that their kitchen cabinets are ready for delivery. The cabinets can either be delivered by our staff or our clients  make the arrangements.

Step 6 - Delivery, Installation, Completion

If Synergy Kitchens is installing the cabinets, our designer comes on site during different times of the installation.   If our client's contractor is installing the cabinets, our designer will check in to see how things are going.   Once all completed, we love coming out to see the new kitchen.